About Me

I am a fourth year PhD student in the Immunology and Molecular Pathogenesis program at Emory University. I study cell plasticity during tuberculosis co-infections in a cohort of individuals in Kenya. I attended undergrad at UCLA where I studied Microbiology, Immunology and Molecular Genetics and conducted research in Neuroscience.

Unlike the scientist stereotype, I am incredibly talkative and like to consider myself social. In particular, I love discussing science with people who have a genuine curiosity. I try my best to make it really approachable and interesting, instead of the jargon you may read in scientific text and literature. And as the name implies, I’m pretty basic. Donuts, rosé, the whole nine yards.

So I’m starting this blog in hopes that I can share with people some of the really cool things I’ve learned about the human body and the scientific process. I plan to start with some of the fundamentals of scientific inquiry and then move on to random topics I find interesting (antibiotics and the microbiome, Extreme Male Brain Theory, the Hygiene Theory, allergies, gluten, etc). And of course, I sincerely hope that people will make requests. Ask me your questions and I will try to find the answers. Like a good scientist, I will cite my sources so that if you want to read the primary literature, you totally can! I will as frequently as I can on Thursday evenings/Friday mornings (though science waits for no man so this of course will vary).

I do not claim to know everything! There will be times I get things wrong, in which case I love when people correct me! There will also be times when the scientific community corrects itself or improves the knowledge base on a subject. In these instances I will try to update corresponding articles as best as possible. But there is in fact far more information out there than I can possibly sort through myself.


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